SHOP BlueDaisy Dog Treats

All BlueDaisy Dog Treats are baked
with the wholesome goodness of flax and
the natural
healing properties of pure coconut oil.

Available in “half-pound” and “home-properties of coconut oil. 

Beef & Barley: Help your dog fight basic environmental allergies with the healing properties of barley.

Chicken & Flax: Top Seller! An excellent everyday, healthy treat with extra flax baked in for healthy skin and coat.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal: For the dog who LOVES PEANUT BUTTER!!!

Pumpkin Peanut Butter: Pumpkin is wonderful for a puppy’s delicate belly- Great beginner treat or for those with a sensitive stomach.

Wheat-free Apple & Oats:Baked crisp on the outside with a slightly softer middle- Great for senior dogs or those who prefer a softer treat.

Wheat-free Sweet Potato: Chunks of Sweet Potato baked in for a special treat for dogs with allergies and limited diet.

Explore the website and find your dog’s flavor at:


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